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Help YOUNG ART happen by sponsoring our event. We need help in covering our annual costs which includes Gallery hire, photographs, framing, art materials, and website costs. Be part of YOUNG ART and join others by donating prizes, art materials, refreshments. Our Committee and friends work tirelessly on a totally voluntary basis for YOUNG ART and they make it happen. YOUR sponsorships matters and will help fund groundbreaking Research into Childhood Cancers.. YOUNG ART donates specifically to research into childhood cancers. 

For further information, please contact Georgina Lewis on  



Help YOUNG ART happen by Advertising in our Catalogue.  This helps defray the cost of the catalogue for which we are very grateful. The catalogue is read by parents and pupils from a wide range of schools across the London region and beyond. We will include your advert in the catalogue and you will be acknowledged on this website. 

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Young Art inspires us all

advertise in our catalogue

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  • Hilary Stallibrass
  • Adrea Blakeney


  • Professor Ken Howard OBE RA
  • Professor Chris Orr MBE RA
  • Professor Sir Christopher Frayling

  • Eileen Cooper OBE RA


  • Nicola Bayley
  • Patrick Cullen NEAC
  • James Hart Dyke
  • Professor Sir Christopher Frayling
  • James Lloyd
  • Professor Chris Orr MBE RA
  • Dr Paul Thompson FRSA


  • Kate Dilnott-Cooper - Secretary
  • Teresa Gonzalez del Campo - Treasurer
  • Sara Connolly
  • Charlotte Coad
  • William Dilnott-Cooper
  • Sally Frankl
  • Nadia Galitzine
  • Rohays Galitzine
  • Sasha Galitzine
  • Emma Gibson
  • Alyson Hoggart
  • Maria Howard
  • Elizabeth Jordan
  • Georgina Lewis
  • Betty O'Brien
  • Xander Oliver
  • Lizzie Ridding
  • Ruth Sharif
  • Harriet Stallibrass
  • Clover Stevens
  • Max Sturridge 
  • Laline Sudlow
  • Gilly Vincent
  • Charlotte Wilson