Curiouser and curiouser!

You can find this amazing cabinet of curiosities in the V&A. When you look at the minute painted drawers how does it make you feel? Curious of course! Such intriguing tiny drawers and doors just make you want to open them up and glimpse what is inside. Some of the drawers even have smaller ones inside them. This beautiful box was made in Florence in the middle of the 17th century. The more elaborate and ornate boxes would reflect the wealth and importance of their owners. In those days such cabinets would be used to keep collections of all sorts of curios such as religious relics, minerals, jewels and even tiny animal parts. 


Can you think of other things people might have collected and kept safely in this box? What would you want to put inside a cabinet like this? Do you have treasures that would fit? Perhaps you have a special box of your own. Which colour bird would you choose for your trinket? Do you think that the different drawers and doors might hold a special feeling?


Don’t forget that you can either look at the V&A online resource or arrange to take your pupils to visit the museum to explore all the objects they have selected to accompany next year’s exhibition.


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