2018 Exhibition at the Royal College of Art  

was a roaring success!


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The theme of FEELINGS this year inspired some exceptional entries  which would have struck everyone as soon as they walked in.

800 pictures were exhibited out of 7,500  entries across three categories … painting, printmaking and drawing.  What a tremendous success.  Well done!  Thank you all for your  inspirational pictures which had the galleries buzzing - excited pupils, proud parents and teachers and indeed very impressed judges.  What a show to remember.

Final amounts raised will be announced shortly. 



The concept of YOUNG ART is brilliantly simple. 

YOUNG ART is an exhibition at the Royal College of Art for school students aged 4-18 raising funds for Cancer Research UK.

It is a wonderful opportunity for aspiring artists to have their work judged by well-known professional artists and exhibited at the prestigious Royal College of Art and, at the same time, raise money for Cancer Research UK.

YOUNG ART is run by volunteers and the overheads are kept to a minimum by our loyal supporters and sponsors, ensuring that almost all the money raised goes to research into the genetic causes of childhood cancers through Cancer Research UK.

YOUNG ART is a wonderful opportunity for children who enjoy art to help other children who are suffering from cancer and whose futures are not quite so assured.

To participate each student donates £2 per entry to Cancer Research UK.

The entries are collected in January of each year.  Approximately 800 artworks are hung and every exhibitor receives a certificate.  In addition the judges award 1st, 2nd and 3rd Prizes in 6 age categories (see Rules for details). 2018 welcomes the new separate PRINTMAKING category judged by Prof Chris Orr MBE RA as well as DRAWING category judged by Eileen Cooper OBE RA.  

Every school that participates will be represented at the exhibition, a proportion of the total number of entries submitted will be displayed. 


Everyone is welcome at the exhibition – school groups during the day, exhibitors and parents on assigned evenings.


It was truly a great event on so many levels….. the photos looked great of a great event…

So well supported and smoothly run but even more exciting was the sheer quality of the work…

We had such a lovely and memorable experience today.  Thank you so much for the opportunity given to our students.




Quote from the 2018 Young art exhibition at the rca


Our Patrons

Prof Ken Howard OBE RA

Prof Chris Orr CBE RA

Prof Sir Christopher Frayling

Eileen Cooper  OBE RA

Our Judges

Nicola Bayley
Eilleen Cooper OBE RA
Patrick Cullen NEAC
Prof Sir Christopher Frayling
James Hart-Dyke
James Lloyd
Prof Chris Orr CBE RA
Dr Paul Thompson, Rector RCA


Our Supporters